mark peter fraser

As Mark is a craftsman and artist rather than a company or corporation, he does not necessary hold stock of all the items on this website at all times, and in the case of rings, he does not hold stock of all sizes at all times.

Instead, Mark will often hand-make your jewellery when you order it, and then send it to be assayed in Edinburgh. This means that Mark can personalise or customise your piece (POA - ask for details) but it does mean that unless stated otherwise, it can take a number of weeks for delivery. This will depend upon Mark's workload and the quantity of items you order.

Mark will be able to advise on exact timescales at the point of order, but Mark always aims to turn work around within four weeks - normally sooner.

Delivery is by RM Special Delivery Guaranteed and costs on average £10.00.

Modern Jewellery - Traditional Dirty Hands.