mark peter fraser

Structural Silver - Articulated Bangle - Four Bars

Structural Silver - Articulated Bangle - Four Bars

In Mark's Structural Silver range of Art jewellery he takes simple structural forms and creates clean wearable sculptural items from Sterling Silver. Extraordinary jewellery for extraordinary people.

The articulated bangle is exactly what the name suggests - it is a bangle in that it has no clasp and instead it pushes over the hand therefore retaining its symetrical clean and modern form. The articulation makes the bangle easy to wear - to push on, and it makes the bangle fall easily and hang naturally around the wrist.

The four bar bangle is made up of four curved bars joined by three large jump rings. Each bangle is individually hand-made by Mark in his workshop in Cumbria. There are four sizes available S,M,L,XL - average weight is 32g.