mark peter fraser

Ace of Spades Lucky 13

The Ace of Spades - What can be said that hasn't been said by the legend Lemmy from Motorhead, but even before Lemmy, the Ace of Spades was special.

The word 'Ace' comes from the latin word for a unit, it was a roman coin, and it used to refer to the '1' side on a dice and was 'low' and bad luck. The Ace was then promoted to the highest rank, "aces high", and this was popularised in the French Revolution, the one being put above Royalty - crowns dissappeared from the royal cards at the same time.

The Spade was originally the only Ace to display a single large motif in the middle - this was on the instruction of King James who insisted that the printing houses put their names in this motif for tax purposes.

All I know is that it Rocks! Hand-made by Mark. Can be made in all sizes. av. 46g of sterling silver.