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All Men's Jewellery By Range

Men's Rock & Roll Jewellery

Inspired by Mark's own lifestyle and passions, the Rock & Roll range is full of hot-rod, motorcycle, tattoo and skull iconography.

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Men's Structural Silver Jewellery

In Mark's Structural Silver range of Art jewellery he takes simple structural forms and creates clean wearable sculptural items from sterling silver. He investigates the traditional medium of sterling silver - its qualities and characteristics, and produces modern 'impressionnant' and extraordinary jewellery for extraordinary people.

Men's Celtic Silver Jewellery

Knotwork has its origins in the Roman Empire 1800 years ago, but was adopted and further stylised into what we now recognise as Celtic knotwork by the Celts of northern Europe.

Celtic knotwork holds a special place in Mark's affections. Born in the North East, he spent time when he was young in Durham and at Holy Island (Lindisfarne) - both renowned for examples of historic knotwork.

Men's Colourburst Jewellery

As an artist and silversmith, Mark makes jewellery, sculpts and also paints. In his painting he is passionate about Pop Art and Impressionism, and central to his love for both of these art movements is colour. Mark loves colour. If he finds that he is glum or angry - mixing colours on his palette will lift his spirits.Mark is intrigued by and obsessed with colour, so decided to reflect this in a range of jewellery. Poppy and modern hand-laid cold enamel on chunky solid sterling silver.

All Men's Jewellery By Type

Men's Rings

All of Mark's rings are hand-made sterling silver, made by Mark in his workshop in Cumbria. Most of the rings Mark makes are made to size, and therefore are made by Mark specifically for you - custom work is also available - just ask.

If you do not know the size of your fingers, then most jewellers will measure yor finger size for you. If you cannot get this done, then contact Mark and he will direct you to a downloadable ring sizer or he will send you one.

Men's Bracelets

All of Mark's bracelets are hand-made sterling silver, made by Mark personally in his workshop in Cumbria. Mark's gents' bracelets are stylish, chunky, masculine design pieces. They are limited-edition designs by virtue of the fact that, unlike many jewellers and designer/makers, Mark insists on undertaking every aspect of the work on every piece himself, and as he is constantly creating new pieces - there are only so many hours in the day....

Men's Cufflinks

Mark may well be 'a bearded long-haired tattooed motorcycle-riding no-good freak' (in his own words) but despite this, he does like a nicely tailored shirt. And when you get yourself a nice shirt, you need a nice set of cufflinks to hold the nice cuffs together. Because, let's face it, nice cuffs on nice shirts don't come with buttons. And if they do, they're not nice buttons.

So Mark made these nice cufflinks. Problem solved.

Men's Pendants

So when you've got your nice shirt on with your nice Mark-made cufflinks, what you going to wear around your neck? A nice tie maybe? But Mark doesn't make ties (not yet... just watch this space) but he does make pendants and necklaces.

Step aside Don Johnson, get out of my way Mr Hasselhoff, I've got my top button open and I'm coming through. Bling Bling Bling.