mark peter fraser

Rock and Roll - Old School Anchor Tattoo Pendant

In Mark's Rock and Roll range he simply takes inspiration from what he sees around him in his everyday life. Mark owns and rides customised Harley Davidsons, is tattooed, and also tattoos by hand using traditional techiques. As the rock and roll subculture is referenced more and more in mainstream and the fashion world, Mark's Rock and Roll range pursues his vision of 'Subculture as High Culture'. Old school tattoos traditionally adorned the arms of sailors and navy men - imagery used often had its roots in the briney depths. The anchor was often worn by sailors to celebrate crossing the atlantic, or simply as a symbol of stability, steadfastness and reliability. Each peice is hand-made by Mark in Sterling Silver and bright cold enamel - vitrious enamel is available POA. Mark will undertake individual comissions based upon your tattoo POA. The weight (excluding necklet) is 40g.