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Structural Silver - Flower Pendant

Structural Silver - Flower Pendant

To make this flower pendant, mark first starts with a flower. A flower he generally finds in his garden. So Mark can't make these pendants in the winter - he makes a small stock in the summer, and when they're gone - well they're gone. Until next year.

Mark takes the flower and genltly paints hot liquid wax onto it. This has to be done in very thin coats and built up - too much and the flower wilts from the heat and weight. Mark builds up the flower until he has the form he wants and from it makes an individual mould which is then destroyed in the casting process. Each peice is as unique as the flower from which it came.

Like all Mark's jewellery, each peice is individually hand-made by Mark in his workshop in Cumbria. The weight of this peice is 25g - this varies with flowers.

approximately £148.00