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Structural Silver - Byzantine Chain Maille Bracelet

Structural Silver - Byzantine Chain Maille Bracelet

Believed to originate as far back as the 3rd or 4th century BC, and utilised at that time by the Celts, Maille or Chain Mail is an armour made from a mesh of small interlinked rings. Long after it ceased to be used for practical military applications, chain mail continued to be used for decorative purposes, and this then evolved into the use of maille in jewellery.

Making Chain Mail jewellery is a time consuming process - first the dimensions and ratios are calculated for each design, then each ring is had hand formed and then woven by hand into the design.

Like all Mark's jewellery, each peice is individually hand-made by Mark in his workshop in Cumbria and comes in extra fine, standards & extra chunky sizes with the weights of 19g, 31g and 51g.

£141.00, £185.00 and £225.00