mark peter fraser

Structural Silver - Double Sided Dumbell Cufflinks

Structural Silver - Double Sided Dumbell Cufflinks

In Mark's Structural Silver range of Art jewellery he takes simple structural forms and creates clean wearable sculptural items from Sterling Silver. Etraordinary jewellery for extraordinary people.

The dumbell cufflinks are double sided cufflinks which have two decorative sides rather than the usual for cufflinks of just one side. These will decorate yor wrists whichever way you look at them - they can be worn either way round, and fix together using a bayonet. These designs are also available on handmade bar and ball backs or traditional articulated backs (approx.60% of price). Combination of styles/backs available.

Like all Mark's jewellery, each piece is individually hand-made by Mark in his workshop in Cumbria. Each cufflink weighs 26g - total 52g.