mark peter fraser

'Smiler' Skull Ring

'Smiler' Skull Ring.

Skulls skulls skulls skulls skulls, just can't get enough of them. Always there inside our heads - born with one, die with one - carry it around all or lives but don't get to show it off till we're no longer around to take the praise.

What you need is another one - a super shiny one - to carry around out in the open - say on your finger - for everyone to admire and compliment long before your cloggs are popped.

'Smiler' is the latest edition to Mark's Skull stable -he's a full skull including lower jaw - grinning inanely to spite the reaper, and like all Mark's skull rings, this peice is complete and sculptural with the back of the cranium making the shank of the ring. 'Smiler' is solid sterling silver - not hollowed out - not plated. Available in all sizes - size W1/2 shown weighs 45g.