mark peter fraser

Octagonal Faceted Flat Spine

Octagonal Faceted Flat Spine.

Chunky Masculine faceted solid sterling silver band. Structural silver gets geometric with this faceted ring which boasts a flat top flat bottom, round centre, 16 faceted faces - 8 each side - at 45 degrees making an octagonal form, and rising to a flat outer spine which runs into the facets forming 8 diamond shapes where the facets meet.

As with facets on diamonds, the facets on this ring act to catch the light at diferent angles, making the peice 'sparkle' in the light whe it is moved and the different facets catch and reflect the light in turn.

Like all Mark's jewellery, each peice is hand-made by Mark in his workshop and can be made in all sizes - (prices may vary slightly due to silver content). The size shown is 30g of sterling silver.