mark peter fraser

All Women's 'Rock and Roll' Jewellery


Classic Cadillac Ring

Classic Cadillac radiator emblem recreated in the form of a ring, in homage to one of, if not 'the' oldest American car manufacturers. Hand-made solid sterling silver. Available in all sizes - size n shown weighs 33g.Prices of differing sizes may vary with silver content.

The Original Skull Ring

The Original Skull was the first skull ring Mark made. A chunky, solid sterling silver complete skull to wear on a finger, with the back of the cranium making up the shank. The women's version of this ring is available in most sizes, and is available either just like the men's - solid - or hollowed out to reduce weight if required.


Love and Hate Necklace

The Love and Hate necklace is made up of two solid sterling silver pendants inspired by the old school Love and Hate knuckle tattoos, one hanging lower, and both from a rubber necklet.

Harley Davidson Shovel Motor Pendant

Mark owns and rides customised Harley Davidsons, and the Harley Davdson Shovel Motor Pendant is modeled on the classic Shovelhead motor manufactured between 1966 and 1984, wearing an S&S teardrop air cleaner.

Old School Anchor Tattoo Pendant

Back in the old days when sailors used sails to sail, the anchor tattoo was often worn by sailors to signify that they had crossed the Atlantic - which was quite an ordeal, or simply as a symbol of stability, steadfastness and reliability.

This sterling silver and bright enamel pendant is a 7.5cm high reproduction of this old school style of tattoo.

Old School Swallow Tattoo Pendant

Old school tattoos traditionally adorned the arms of sailors and navy men - imagery used often had its roots in the briney depths. The swallow was often worn by sailors to signify distances successfully navigated, or, as swallows return to the same location every year to mate and nest, the swallow was used as a symbol of loyalty or a talisman to help the sailor to return home safely.