mark peter fraser

Original Skull Ring

Original Skull Ring.

The Original Skull was the first skull ring Mark made, and he made it for himself. He knew the skull ring he wanted - unlike anything else he had seen anybody else making - a chunky, solid sterling silver complete skull to wear on a finger, with the back of the cranium making up the shank. A Skull that sits well as a sculptural item and stands proudly on your finger. All other skull rings in the Men's jewellery section available in Women's sizes.

Heavy, real, not plated, not hollow. (Woman's version can be supplied hollowed to reduce weight if required - approx. 15g less silver also less cost - please ask).

Jawless, wearing the scars of a hard life, and looking as though it had been in the ground for five hundred years.

Available in all sizes - size W solid shown weighs 45g .