mark peter fraser

Structural Silver - Chunky Hand Formed Chain

Structural Silver - Chunky Hand Formed Chain

In Mark's Structural Silver range of Art jewellery he takes simple structural forms and creates clean wearable sculptural items from Sterling Silver. He investigates the traditional medium of sterling silver - it's qualities and characteristics, and produces modern 'impressionnant' and etraordinary jewellery for extraordinary people.

Mark first made this bracelet for himself, when he wanted a chunky chain, straightforward, big and organic - that not only WAS handmade but also LOOKED handmade. He wanted each link to be different - rustic - hand formed. Bent, twisted, hammered, imperfect. And as this is how he makes these bracelets, they are all different and totally unique.

Individually hand-made by Mark from beginning to end in his workshop in Cumbria. Weight 125g.