mark peter fraser

Celtic Silver Rings

Wide Celtic Knotwork Ring

Mark is fascinated by Celtic knotwork, and spends a lot of time designing knots and interllaced designs. In the wide band ring, Mark has represented the maltese cross four times around the ring, whilst staying true to the interlacing rule of under over under over begining and endless lacing.

Narrow Celtic Knotwork Ring

When making celtic knotwork jewellery, Mark likes to work with chunky, deep interlacing, with a profundity and depth to emphasise the detail of the interlacing. With this depth, the beauty of even the most simple knot design becomes apparent.

Structural Silver Rings

Sterling Silver Nut Ring

It's just exactly what it appears to be - a solid Sterling silver nut that slips onto your finger and looks right well. Whether you are a mechanic, a rocker, a biker, a custom car nut, or just an extraordinary somebody who appreciates extraordinary jewellery - this stunningly chunky peice of fantastic finger furniture is sure to look sweet on your digit. Dig it.

Large Smooth Square Ring

A smooth soft-edged square of solid Sterling silver with flat sides and smooth rounded edges. Due to the flat sides, this ring is an easy to wear comfortable ring that is chunky round the edges. And with it's quirky undeniable physical presence it also looks great as a thumb ring.

Miro Ring

Inspired by Joan Miro, the magnificent Spanish surrealist painter, sculptor, and ceramicist. This ring pays homage to his ideals, by referencing many of the shapes, runs and textures prevalent in his work, and boldly sets out to upset the visual elements of established ring design - just as Miro upset the visal elements of established painting.

Thick Round Band

When normal off the shelf aneamic jewellery just won't do..

When you need something more than what most other jewellers would call chunky..

When you want a serious peice of stylish finger furniture..

Octagonal Faceted Flat Spine

As with facets on diamonds, the facets on this ring act to catch the light at diferent angles, making the peice 'sparkle' in the light whe it is moved and the different facets catch and reflect the light in turn.

Wide Textured Band

Extraordinary yet unfussy. Simple yet substantial and structural, and finished with uncomplicated unregimented organic detail. This ring is subltle yet distinguished. The design shown is the standard design, and can be made in all sizes - both masculaine and feminine - there is also a re-sizeable version of this design available.

Chunky Rounded Square

Another stunning yet straightforward solid sterling silver no-nonesense band - hand-made for you by Mark in his Cumbrian workshop. It's quite simple really - its a big flat chunky square rounded off at the edges and with a hole through the middle for your finger or thumb.

Small Octagonal Faceted Ring

As with facets on diamonds, the facets on this ring act to catch the light at diferent angles, making the peice 'sparkle' in the light whe it is moved and the different facets catch and reflect the light in turn.

Rock and Roll Silver Rings

Ace of Spades Lucky 13 Ring

The Ace of Spades - What can be said that hasn't been said by the legend Lemmy from Motorhead, but even before Lemmy, the Ace of Spades was special. Add the Lucky '13' and it's complete.

Flat Round Maltese Cross Ring

It's Flat. It's round. It's Solid Sterling silver - polished and blackened.

It's not hollowed out. It's not plated.

It's a Maltese Cross Ring. It Rocks.

Classic Cadillac Ring

Classic Cadillac radiator emblem recreated in the form of a ring, in homage to one of, if not 'the' oldest American car manufacturers. Handmade Solid Sterling Silver. Available in all sizes - size n shown weighs av. 33g.Prices of differing sizes may vary with silver content.

Smiler Skull Ring

'Smiler' is the latest edition to Mark's Skull stable -he's a full skull including lower jaw - grinning inanely to spite the reaper, and like all Mark's skull rings, this peice is complete and sculptural with the back of the cranium making the shank of the ring.

The Original Skull Ring

The Original Skull was the first skull ring Mark made. A chunky, solid sterling silver complete skull to wear on a finger, with the back of the cranium making up the shank. The Original skull is available in most sizes.

Harley Davidson Shovelhead Motor

Mark owns a couple of old Harleys, and is a big fan of the big V-twin. This Shovelhead motor ring was originally designed for a friend of his who rides a shovel. Mark enjoys working with the Harley motor in jewellery nearly as much as he enjoys riding and customising the real thing.

The Jack Skull Ring

As with all Mark's skull rings, Jack is complete, whole and sculptural, with the back of the cranium making up the shank of the ring. Jack has a full jaw, and is more of a traditional skull, with a heavy brow..

Maltese Cross Ring

Is this the ultimate maltese cross ring, or is this the ultimate maltese cross ring. Correctly known as a Pattee cross, this ring is a massive 65grams of solid sterling silver sculpturally formed with two arms of the cross flowing smoothly back to make the shank.

Round Maltese Cross Orb Ring

A Solid Silver Maltese Cross Orb - carefully crafted to offer a different take on the Maltese Cross form. Reflecting the round saxon cross and inspired by the association of the maltese (or more correctly pattee cross) with the orb in royal crowns and associated regalia.

Horned Skull Ring

So you want a skull ring, but you fancy something a bit more horny?

Its a weathered, beaten, battered horned half human skull - no lower jaw, with the horns wrapping back around the finger to form the shank.

Shovelhead Motor Single Pot Ring

Mark owns a couple of old Harleys, and is a big fan of the big V-twin. After innitially making the Complete Shovelhead motor ring for a friend of his who rides a shovel, he was asked to do something different for another shovel riding friend and the 'single pot' was born.