mark peter fraser

Classic Cadillac Ring

Classic Cadillac Ring.

'The real value of the Cadillac is not adequately expressed by it's price.' read a 1914 advert for the Cadillac range beneath the classic radiator emblem that adorned the front of it's cars.

It is this radiator emblem Mark has recreated in the form of a ring in homage to one of, if not 'the' oldest American car manufacturers - and one that was named after the founder of the Motor City Detroit itself - Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac.

Mark has stretched the classic lettering backwards through the finger, creating not only a ring but a sculptural form - a signature of Mark's work.
Handmade Solid Sterling Silver. Available in all sizes - size n shown weighs av. 33g. Prices of differing sizes may vary with silver content.