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Structural Silver - Wide Celtic Knotwork Panel Bracelet

Celtic Silver - Wide Celtic Knotwork Panel Bracelet

Knotwork has its origins in the Roman empire 1800 years ago, but was adopted and further stylised into what we now recognise as Celtic Knotwork by the Celts of northern Europe. Other cultures developed their own brand of knotwork: Byzantine illumination, Coptic art, Islamic art, Medieval Russian book illumination and Ethiopian art to mention a few.

Mark has a fascination with all repeating pattern forms, but celtic knotwork holds a special part of his affections, as born in the North East, he spent time when he was young in Durham and at Holy Island (Lindesfarne) - both renowned for their great examples of historic Celtic Knotwork.

Hand-made in Sterling Silver by Mark from beginning to end in his workshop in Cumbria. Weight 54g.