mark peter fraser

Colourburst - Round Coloured Bracelet

Colourburst - Round Coloured Bracelet

As an artist and silversmith, Mark makes jewellery, sculpts and also paints. In his painting he is passionate about pop-art and impressionism, and central to his love for both of these art movements is colour. Mark loves colour. If he finds that he is glum or angry - mixing colours on his palette will lift his spirits.

To this end in his painting Mark is intrigued by, and obsessed with colour, so decided to reflect this in a range of jewellery. Poppy, modern, colourful - hand laid cold enamel on chunky solid sterling silver. Super smooth tactile and soft feeling elipses of solid sterling silver with bright pools of colour within.

Hand-made in Sterling Silverby Mark from beginning to end in his workshop in Cumbria. Vitrious enamel is available POA. Weight 77g.