mark peter fraser

Celtic Silver - Smoothed Stone Celtic Cross Cufflinks

Celtic Silver - Smoothed Stone Celtic Cross Cufflinks

Mark has a fascination with all repeating pattern forms, but celtic knotwork holds a special place in his affections. Born in the Noth East, he spent time when he was young in Durham and at Holy Island (Lindesfarne) - both renowned for examples of historic Knotwork.

One of the real characteristics of knotwork is the over under over under 'weave' - but Mark noticed that on graves and other ancient stone monuments this 'weave' sometimes wears away through weathering to a smooth modern looking grid like surface, but in the familiar historic shape. It is these weathered stones that inspired the stone celtic cross cufflinks.

Each peice is individually hand-made by Mark from beginning to end in his workshop in Cumbria. Each cufflink weighs 23g - total 46g.