mark peter fraser

All Women's Colourburst Range


Colourburst Round Coloured Bracelet

Inspired by the smooth rounded ellipse of a traditional ceramic or glass ink-well, each section of this bracelet is a smooth ellipse which is so smooth it feels soft to the touch and is lined with a with liquid-like, shiny, cold, bright enamel.

Colourburst Watercolour Set Bracelet

This bracelet is like a set of watercolour paints, each colour in its own modern, clean, wide-rimmed square dish. Poppy, contemporary and colourful - bright hand-laid cold enamel on chunky solid sterling silver, this beautifully designed bracelet really says something about its extraordinary owner.

Colourburst Waffle Bracelet

When Mark isn't working with silver, he can often be found painting, and his current obsession is with squares of colour. So this piece is a timely nod to his current series of paintings, which just happens to look like a collection of groovy appartment blocks - or if you prefer - waffles.


Old School Swallow Tattoo Pendant

The Old School Swallow Pendant is exactly what it says.

An old school swallow tattoo rendered in silver and cold bright enamel, and presented on a simple modern rubber necklet.

Old School Anchor Tattoo Pendant

The Old School Anchor Pendant is inspired by early tattoos worn by salty sea dogs as a rite of passage, or to indicate steadfast security. Sterling silver with cold bright enamel inlay.