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Silver Soft Cam Ring.

Silver Soft Cam Ring

The soft silver cam ring is another stunning peice of Structural Silver Art jewellery. Taking a simple structural form, that of an eccentric cam with smooth simple lines and a mirror like glassy liquid finish, Mark has made a chunky wearable sculture in silver - a fantastic peice of finger furniture.

As with a lot of Mark's Structural Silver range, it's the simplicity and lack of detail combined with the unusual design that gives a very modern, fresh alternative look whilst maintaining traditional materials and techniques. Like all Mark's jewellery, each peice is hand-made by Mark in his workshop and can be made in all sizes - the ring is chunky, and to keep weight down it is not solid throughout, but instead has thick walls keeping a pleasing and substantial weight of 40g appropriate for the physical size of the ring. The size shown is S.